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Commercial Liability Insurance Program

Insurance Coverage Description Application
Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial Auto Insurance protects your business against its primary source of liability – the use of motor vehicles, which includes driving, loading, and unloading. Read More about Commercial Auto Insurance Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Hired/Non-Owned Auto Liability Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance covers your business's liability for accidents caused by owner-operators, be they employees or independent contractors. Read More about Hired Auto Insurance Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Cargo Insurance Cargo Insurance is your primary line of defense against loss, damage, or destruction to your customers' property. Read More about Cargo Insurance Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Dishonesty Bonding While cargo insurance can protect your shipments against many perils, rarely will it provide coverage for theft or conspiracy by your own people. Read More about Employee Dishonesty Bond Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Warehouse/Terminal Coverage Warehouse insurance is your primary line of defense against loss, damage, or destruction to your customers' property that you store for a fee... Read More bout Warehouse Coverage Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Workers Compensation    
Workers Compensation Widely perceived as an employee "benefit", Workers Compensation coverage benefits you, the business-owner, most of all. Read More about Workers Compensation Coverage Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Occupational Accident Insurance

By sponsoring Occupational Accident insurance for drivers, you make it possible for them to access extensive benefits if they are injured... Read More about Occupational Accident Insurance Program »

Occ-Acc App.
General Coverage    
General Liability General Liability Insurance covers many sources of liability other than auto-related liability. Examples include your premises, foot messengers, advertising, host liquor liability, etc. Read More about General Liability Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Bicycle Messenger Liability Bicycle delivery presents a special risk to courier companies, far beyond your other non-auto liability risks. Read More about Bicycle Messenger Liability » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Umbrella or Excess Liability Umbrella Insurance coverage dramatically increases your protection against many forms of liability – such as auto, general, bicycle, and employers liability. Read More about Umbrella Liability Insurance Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Property Coverage You rely on your physical assets – computer and telecom equipment, furniture and supplies, improvements and betterments to your space, etc. – to keep your business operating. Read More about Commercial Property Coverage Program » BIS Delivery Ins. App
Management Practices Liability Today no business is immune from allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, harassment, etc. Read More about Management Practices Liability Program » EPL-E&O-D&O App
Errors & Omissions/Privacy Liability Whether you deliver bids or parts, printing work, legal or medical – what you do (or fail to do) can have a material impact on your customers or others. Read More about Error or Privacy Liability Program » EPL-E&O-D&O App
Directors & Officers Liability This is a form of Errors & Omissions insurance covering the directors and officers of a corporation. Read More about Directors & Officers Liability » EPL-E&O-D&O App
Fiduciary Liability Insurance If you sponsor a 401k, pension, or similar employee benefit plan that invests the money of your employees – even if they seem to make all the decisions – you need this inexpensive coverage. Read More about Fiduciary Liability Insurance Program » EPL-E&O-D&O App
Other Programs    
IC Misclassification Insurance

Couriers everywhere face the threat of challenges to their use of independent owner-operators. Read More about IC Misclassification Insurance Program »

Courier Advantage Plus New Business App
Restaurant Delivery Brightstone is pleased to provide our nationwide "To Go" Insurance program. Whether you're a company with a fleet of drivers or just starting to form your business... Read More about Restaurant Delivery Insurance Program » BIS RDS App
Freight Brokers/Forwarders As a growing trend of business, more and more couriers find themselves increasingly utilizing other couriers/agents as subcontractors... Read More about Freight Brokers Insurance Program » Freight Brokers App
Online Surety Bond App