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Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto insurance protects your business against its primary source of liability -- the use of motor vehicles... Read More » Damage to your vehicles is covered by Physical Damage Coverage. For company executives with no personal auto insurance, Drive Other Car coverage is essential for each member of the executives’ household who may drive or borrow any vehicle. Hide this content.

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Hired/Non-Owned Auto Liability

Non-Owned & Hired Auto Insurance covers your business's liability for accidents caused by owner-operators... Read More », be they employees or independent contractors. Even though these drivers use their own vehicles and carry their own insurance, any serious loss that occurs while they are acting as your “agents” could result in your company’s involvement and liability. Hide this content.

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Cargo Insurance

This is your primary line of defense against loss, damage, or destruction to your customers' property... Read More ». Because off-the-shelf ‘canned’ cargo policies designed for truckers contain many limitations and exclusions, Brightstone uses specialized policy forms designed by us for your industry. These forms can be further customized to cover bank work, warehousing and storage, high-value shipments, and other special needs. Hide this content.

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Dishonesty Bonding

While cargo insurance may protect your shipments against many perils, few policies cover theft or conspiracy by your own people... Read More ». This is where so-called ‘bonding’ comes in (actual bonds are rare and inferior to insurance). Crime insurance also protects your business against other employee theft (e.g. embezzlement) and the forgery of signatures on your checks. Whereas most so-called ‘bonding’ covers only employee theft, Brightstone’s programs cover theft by independent contractors as well. Hide this content.

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Warehouse/Terminal Coverage

Just as cargo insurance is meant to protect the goods in your care, custody and control during the course of delivery... Read More », so to does warehouse coverage provide protection against loss, damage, or destruction to your customers' property while being stored at your facility. There are many different forms of this coverage available today and it's important to utilize a company who understands what's available to address your needs. Talk to Brightstone about setting you up with a policy that is right for your business. Hide this content.

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Workers Compensation    
Workers Compensation

Widely perceived as an employee "benefit," Workers Compensation (WC) benefits you, the business-owner, most of all... Read More ». By ensuring that workers are compensated for their injuries, employers avoid unlimited liability -- including pain and suffering awards and crushing legal bills. In most states, uninsured sub-contractors are subject to WC and can collect benefits. Employers Liability coverage protects you from lawsuits related to employee injuries that fall outside the WC system. Hide this content.

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Occupational Accident Insurance

By sponsoring this insurance for drivers, you make it possible for them to access extensive benefits if they are injured... Read More » while on-the-job -- without risking your company's Workers Compensation record, and without paying a penny! Contractors pay their own way via affordable pay deductions or, with our Driver's Choice program, you can eliminate any administrative role for yourself. Drivers receive - and supply you with -- their own certificates of insurance and 24-hour medical care. Occupational Accident programs let you attract and retain more professional drivers while reinforcing their status as independent contractors who take care of their own business needs. Hide this content.

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General Coverage    
General Liability

This policy covers many sources of liability other than auto-related liability. Examples include your premises... Read More », foot messengers, advertising, and host liquor liability. The policy covers your legal responsibility for occurrences that result in bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, or 'personal' injury (e.g. slander, libel, invasion of privacy, false arrest). This is the insurance most requested by courier customers. It is also a requirement for entering many buildings to make a pickup or delivery, and Brightstone offers a streamlined, cost-effective approach to such demands. Hide this content.

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Bicycle Messenger Liability

Bicycle delivery presents a special risk to courier companies, far beyond your other non-auto liability risks... Read More » One serious injury can wreck your liability loss record. Also, biker rates should not be applied to less hazardous operations. For these reasons, Brightstone may recommend segregating bicycle delivery into its own policy -- with a carrier that is experienced and comfortable with the risk. If a serious loss does occur, you need to know that your insurance carrier will be there for you. Hide this content.

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Umbrella or Excess Liability

This single policy dramatically increases your protection against many forms of liability -- such as auto... Read More », general, bicycle, and employers' liability. An Umbrella policy's limits 'cover over' your scheduled primary liability policies (like an umbrella over a raincoat), providing an excess layer of coverage. Hide this content.

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Property Coverage

You rely on your physical assets to keep your business operating. Whether it's computer and telecom equipment... Read More », data and records, furniture and supplies, warehouse or cross-dock equipment and shelving, a serious loss to your business property could lower service levels or even cut you off from customers -- with devastating consequences. Property insurance can cover not only the cost of replacing property and reconstructing records, but also the extra expenses and lost income from a fire or other loss at your premises. Having adequate insurance and a solid disaster plan is a critical factor in getting you back in business. Hide this content.

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Management Practices Liability

Glance through the newspapers and you’ll see how your company's personnel decisions expose you to costly litigation... Read More » Yet many otherwise well-insured couriers fail to protect themselves against these equally serious liabilities. Today no business is immune from allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, etc. Recent court decisions make it harder to get frivolous suits dismissed. Brightstone can access programs that protect against claims by both employees and independent contractors - or even customer personnel complaining about the actions of your delivery force. Hide this content.

Errors & Omissions/Privacy Liability

Whether you deliver bids or parts, printing work, legal or medical -- what you do (or fail to do) can have a material... Read More » impact on your customers or others. Late or incorrect deliveries can have costly consequences.

Consider too the risks of losing confidential information or personal data that could open the door to extensive identity theft. These days, losing private/confidential information is a matter of major concern. Are you able to reassure your customers that they can count on you should a privacy loss occur? How secure are you about your ability to handle the financial, reputational, and legal fallout that you may face? Rising alarm over identity theft and new privacy regulations through HIPAA make it wise to protect yourself

While all couriers should attempt to shield themselves from liability using language in their delivery receipts and/or service agreements, these documents are often challenged -- especially when the stakes are high. Hide this content.

Directors & Officers Liability

No longer does this insurance merely protect individuals from personal liability connected to their oversight... Read More » role in your business – though this is a critical protection to have, especially when a company has outside directors who do not actively manage the business, themselves. Today’s "D&O" policies extend protection to the business, itself, for a wide range of “wrongful acts." Actions against you can come from shareholders, employees, contractors, customers, vendors, competitors – even government regulators. Hide this content.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

If you sponsor a 401k, pension, or similar employee benefit that invests the money of your employees – even... Read More » if they seem to make all the decisions - you need this inexpensive coverage. Under many scenarios you can still be sued and found liable for financial losses. Hide this content.

Other Programs    
Restaurant Delivery

Brightstone is pleased to provide our nationwide "To Go" Insurance program offering affordable insurance... Read More » coverage to the RDS Industry. Whether you're a company with a fleet of drivers or just starting to form your business, talk to the pros at Brightstone about the ins and out of appropriately insuring your business. Hide this content.

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Freight Brokers/Forwarders

As a growing trend of business, more and more couriers find themselves increasingly utilizing other couriers/agents... Read More » as subcontractors in order to fulfill the request of their customers. While it’s important to make sure you have a written agreement to establish responsibilities/liabilities of each party, and to also collect proper certificates of insurance as evidence that the other carrier is properly insured, it’s also equally important to take the necessary steps to insure that the needs of your business both regulatory and insurance related are being addressed. Let Brightstone help as you seek to address these key issues. Hide this content.

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