As a business owner, we know protecting your company’s financial assets is always top of mind. A sound financial protection plan requires careful thought, diligence and the right advisor. After all, your revenue is one of your most valuable commodities.

Brightstone Insurance offers a full suite of financial services that drive down the cost of risk at your business. Our goal is to empower you to use more of your capital and resources into growing your business.

Contact a Brightstone advisor today to find out how you can protect your assets and support your organization’s financial goals.

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As an industry leader, we pride ourselves in delivering innovative ideas that translate to your overall success. We offer unique coverage solutions through a network of carrier partners dedicated to crafting the right financial products including:

  • Key Person Life Insurance: A life and/or disability policy taken out by your business as a beneficiary in the event of the death or disability of a key employee. This type of policy is also called key executive coverage or key employee coverage.
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Funding: A buy-sell agreement is the foundation of a business succession plan. It’s critical that you know where the money will come from so the plan can be implemented. Brightstone can help you understand the ways to fund a buy-sell agreement.
  • Disability Income Protection: A potential perk for key employees, disability insurance can help your staff if they are unable to work due to sickness or injury. By replacing a portion of their income, disability insurance can help them protect their financial security until they get back on their feet and return to work.
  • Business Perpetuation Planning: Many successful business owners sell their business when faced with unexpected circumstances, or when they wish to retire. Brightstone can help you navigate and execute a consistent and well-thought-out perpetuation plan to protect the company you spent years building.
  • Retirement Planning: Many perpetuation plans establish corporate reserves to fund a retirement plan. This avoids a scenario wherein the business must be sold to fund the retirement of the owner or major stockholders. Establishing independent retirement plans for the owner and other principals can prevent this problem.
  • 401K Retirement Plans: Whether you’re interested in starting a new 401(k) plan for your employees or transferring an existing one, our advisors can help you through every step of the process.


These and other financial offerings can help you protect your company’s assets now and in the years to come.  

As a Brightstone client, you’ll receive expert consultation, exceptional customer service and unparalleled coverage for all of your business financial needs. Contact us today for a complementary coverage audit and financial checkup.

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As a national transportation specialist, Brightstone is proud to be licensed and doing business in all 50 US states. We currently have clients all over the country and invite companies to seek our products and services that may be beneficial for them in their area.