Restaurant delivery service providers, otherwise known as RDS companies, offer quick and convenient food delivery services to consumers all over the country. With individuals’ and families’ schedules becoming more and more hectic, the need for delivery of prepared food to the home is rapidly expanding.

Meeting customer demands and juggling the day-to-day operation is your specialty. Ours is insuring the safekeeping of your business, commercial fleet, and work force.

At Brightstone, we pride ourselves in being well-rounded in our product offerings to cater to the needs of delivery companies with a wide range of specialties. Our custom RDS insurance program is the perfect fit for food delivery companies (large or new), with a few or a multitude of drivers.

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At Brightstone, we understand the ever-changing nature of your business and the need to protect your drivers, customers and business partnerships.

We have decades of experience insuring the food service and delivery industry, and know what it takes to protect an operation like yours. That’s why we’ve strategically partnered with a network of carriers and enhanced our services to offer the following:

  • Exclusive restaurant delivery insurance program designed to handle the unique risks of an RDS company.
  • Specialty coverage to address the risk of cyber liability for your web based transactions.
  • Custom cargo insurance to handle temperature related or spoilage claims.
  • Affordable hired auto insurance to protect your inherent risk in subbing work out to others.
  • Regulatory and compliance alerts for our dedicated client base.
  • IC misclassification insurance designed specifically for the use of 1099 drivers.
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When it comes to food delivery, having the right insurance partner is as important as the coverage you buy. With a dedicated team of experts familiar with the needs of the RDS industry, Brightstone is poised to provide our clients with coverage options unparalleled in the marketplace. We offer:  


  • Fleet Auto
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Dishonesty Bonding
  • Warehouse/Terminal Coverage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Occupational Accident
  • General Liability & Property
  • Umbrella (Excess) Liability
  • IC Misclassification Insurance
  • And More...

As a Brightstone client, you’ll receive expert consultation, exceptional customer service and unparalleled coverage for all of your insurance needs.

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About Brightstone

As a national transportation specialist, Brightstone is proud to be licensed and doing business in all 50 US states. We currently have clients all over the country and invite companies to seek our products and services that may be beneficial for them in their area.